The Best Retro Slot Games at Slot Boss

The Best Retro Slot Games at Slot Boss

The world of online slots is continuing to advance. Developers need to be at the top of their game when it comes to the addition of new features, whether it's the inclusion of tumbling reels, the Megaways format or bonus rounds on offer as they can all have an impact on whether a slot will become a fan favourite.

But despite all of the new-fangled additions to games, there is one element that has remained a constant factor when it comes to some of the most popular games we have to offer in the Slot Boss catalogue, and that is the fact that some online casino games are just a little bit retro and offer our regulars a blast of nostalgia they’re not likely to find anywhere else.

Many of our slot players will most likely be familiar with the launch of some of the most popular gaming platforms - we’re talking about Games Consoles here not slot machines, and the fact one has recently celebrated its 25th birthday, we thought we’d look back through our games and find those which are particularly retro, so put your controller down and read on to find out more.

Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders

As we mentioned before, we’re looking for slot games that have a feel of nostalgia running through them and although it might not be clear from the title Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders, certainly has this in abundance, players just need to look beyond the traditional means.

Developed by Blueprint Gaming, the original Genie Jackpots is a crown jewel in their collection of jackpot slots and is instantly recognisable by players in both online and land-based casinos.

So what makes this game retro? Well, in our opinion, it’s the fact it looks like a traditional fruit machine! Yep, that’s right, this slot takes players back to the good old days and gives them the sense they’re standing in front of a pub fruity, it even has the sheer amount of bonus features to match.

Although, it may only have five paylines, which is a common occurrence in a game of this type. But don’t let that put you off, what players need to be looking for is the trail ladder as when this is full, you'll be granted full access to the 16 potential features on offer.

Upon triggering the bonus feature (filling the trail to 8 steps), players will be taken to the feature board using a stopper which gives them the chance to climb the money and feature ladder, much like they would on a traditional slot machine. Reach the top, and it’s here where the big money is on offer. The best part about it is, there are truly so many bonus features on offer there is always the chance to trigger something new, all you need to do is fill the trail.

20p Slot

If our Slot Boss players are looking for a game that couldn’t get any more retro if it tried then this slot provides the ultimate throwback to a 1970s pub where fruit machines definitely had their heyday. 20p Slot is a blast from the past, but we’ll let our players give their final verdict as they explore the fruit-filled reels.

Players won’t be surprised to learn that this online slot is a relatively simple game as if the name already didn’t give that fact away. But that doesn’t make it any less popular. An ultra-traditional casino slot it still includes all of the features that are on show in some of the oldest online slots.

For those players who are still new to the slots set up, that means a 3x3 reel set up, five available pay lines and of course a whole lot of fruit. From Lemons, Plums, Melons and Oranges, this slot has it all, even a fruit cocktail of symbols. So if you like retro slots, this should be one on your list.

Like many older retro slots, this game has only one bonus feature on offer, but it's certainly one not to be sniffed at. Activate the fortune bet, and it’ll allow you to unlock the full capacity of this slot game as it’ll bring the wild symbol into play.

Reel Gambler

The final slot in our list is a game which builds on the retro theme and also has a pun in the title to make it stand out from the others we’ve listed above. A straightforward slot that is packed full of bonus features, Reel Gambler slot takes retro to a new level as its simple 3x3 setup looks just like a pub slot machine.

Developed by Realistic Games who are stalwarts of the classic slot machine-style games, this game includes all the symbols players would expect to come across in an old-style fruit machine including cherries, bells, bars and the colourful bonus symbol.

Find these rainbow bonus symbols across the five pay lines and the chance to play for the retro bonus is yours as the wheels will continue to spin until no more winning combinations are shown. This isn’t the only feature in this game so be sure to add it to your list of favourites.

Slot Boss Goes Retro

Feeling nostalgic yet? Then head over to our list of online slots and find the retro game which suits your mood. If you agree with our choices, let us know if the retro graphics and old fashioned fruit machine icons have whisked you back to the past as you spin the reels of the games. Remember, if you want to know about more content from us, don’t forget to head over to our casino blog where you’ll find out about the latest game launches and all our reviews. As a new player at Slot Boss you can also enjoy our online casino bonus. T&Cs apply.