Casino Myths and Facts

Casino - Myths and Facts

In every aspect of entertainment - film, sports, arts or gambling - hundreds of myths have appeared over the years. The gambling industry is full of myths with many players having suspicions that casinos attempt to increase their advantage. Fortunately these are just myths. We’ve put together some of the biggest myths and some of the lesser known facts about slots.

Myth: Slots play better at different times in the day. There is widespread belief amongst casino players that slots can pay out more at certain times of the day. This isn’t true as every slot has a set RTP (return to player) and winning combinations are made from a random number generator.

Fact: Slots use a random number generator (RNG). This is constantly on going when a slot machine is active and can generate millions of numbers per second. When a slot is span one of these numbers will be attributed at random to the spin and is independent of external factors. No matter when a spin is made the chances of hitting a certain winning combination is always the same.

Myth: The more losing spins you have, the higher chance of a winning hit. Many casino players wrongly assume that the game must pay out at some point if there has been a number of losing spins in a row. This creates a false sense of hope for players, often leading to disappointment when it doesn’t happen.

Fact: Slots have “hit frequency.” This means there is a probability for a certain winning outcome to happen every spin. Each spin is unique with the random number generator so it doesn’t matter how many times there has been a win or loss. The probability for a particular winning outcome will always be the same.

Myth: More coins means more payouts. Many land based casino players think that the more coins that go into a machine the more it will pay out. This is simply not true.

Fact: You play more games so there are more opportunities to win. If you use more coins you are playing more games and this means more opportunities to win. The amount of coins that have been put in the machine does not influence the randomness of the slot.

Myth: Slot settings can be changed by the casino. One of the common myths in gambling is that the casino can change the slot settings. For example a player could usually win a bonus round in 100 spins but have a session where they spin 500 times and don’t win the bonus. When this happens players often assume the casino has changed the settings on the slot, making it harder to win.

Fact: No slots can be affected in this way by the casino. The slots are made by independent companies who create the settings themselves. This includes the regularity of bonus games and slot RTP. Luck plays a huge factor in slot play so players can have bad sessions where they don’t win or amazing sessions where they win repeatedly.

Myth: Slots payout better at certain casinos. This myth is similar to the previous as players can have a good session with one casino and a bad session with another. This means they can play the exact same slot with two different providers and have completely different experiences.

Fact: The same slot on different providers will have the same RTP and hit frequency. All slots have a probability for a winning outcome (hit frequency) which helps create the slots theoretical payout. RTP can be found out by reading slot information. Some slots will have higher RTP than others.

Myth: Someone wins on a machine you’ve left. That would have been your win if you’d stayed. If this happens many players think that they would have won the same amount on that spin if they had stayed on the machine. This isn’t true as the RNG creates millions of numbers a second.

Fact: The RNG cycles through numbers even if the machine is idle. As mentioned before, every spin is determined by the RNG. If you had stayed on this machine there is no guarantee that you would have stopped the RNG at the exact nanosecond for that outcome. In fact, this is almost impossible as there are millions of numbers generated every few seconds.

Myth: You can’t win on a slot machine that has just paid out. Many players believe if a machine has just paid out it won’t pay out again for another set amount of spins. This isn’t true as the machines use RNG.

Fact: There are ways to improve your chances of winning. All slots have different settings in terms of winning hits and RTP. This means that theoretically some slots will pay back more over the long run. Slots also have volatility which determines how low and high risk they are. All these factors combined mean that your chances of winning can actually be improved by choosing the right game.

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