evolution of cleopatra

The Evolution of Cleopatra

Slot machines have been around for over 100 years, originating in San Francisco, California. The machines were originally known as slots until they were banned in many American states. They then evolved into “fruit machines”, from which players could win prizes such as chewing gum. Slots were originally mechanical and featured a lever on the side which activated them. If you’ve ever heard the name ‘one armed bandit’’ then this is where it originated from. The lever was the ‘one arm’ whilst the machine itself was the bandit.

Eventually slot machines moved with the times, as most things have done over the course of history. Random Number Generators were eventually added to these machines meaning they evolved into the slots you see today. Developers could create pretty much any theme they wanted with different symbols and multiple paylines.

This meant that some slots became increasingly popular, cementing themselves in gambling history. Cleopatra was originally a land-based slot and if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas you’ve probably seen this game in one of the many casinos. When developer IGT ventured into the world of online slots, they adapted Cleopatra onto platforms across the internet. This was one of the first video slots, becoming an instant hit and it still remains one of the most played land-based and online slots in the world. There aren’t many slots that compete and it looks like Cleopatra is here to stay; there have been numerous sequels and different iterations of this slot over the years.

Cleopatra Slot

The original Cleopatra slot is a five reel 20 payline game that features wilds, scatters and a free spins bonus which can be retriggered repeatedly. Unlike most slots, Cleopatra allows you to set your own number of win lines directly related to your stake. The bonus features combined with the theme are really what’s cemented this as a classic over the years. If a player sees three or more scatter symbols on a spin they will be given fifteen free spins. The best thing is that these spins can be retriggered, making it possible to achieve a maximum of a huge 180 free spins. Not only can these be retriggered but all winnings are multiplied by three in these free spins so it’s easy to see why people love Cleopatra.

Cleopatra Slot Spin Offs

Cleopatra has become so popular that it has had a number of sequels and spin-offs over the years. One of the most notable is Cleopatra Plus. This slot from IGT offers a new take on the classic game with 40 paylines and different bonus features. Here the bonus features work a lot differently to the original game’s simple free spins. When the game is entered players will have the option of three realms (Alexandria, Nile River Valley and Pyramids of Giza) to choose from. Once this has been chosen the players will opt to place ‘followers’ in different locations, with each offering different prizes. These can include free spins, instant wins, super spins and multipliers. Players can also make use of the ‘Level Up’ feature that can unlock new realms and features which offer different prizes.

Cleopatra has even had a direct sequel in the form of Cleopatra II as well as other spin-offs such as Cleopatra MegaJackpots. We still think that Cleopatra Plus is the best and most enjoyable sequel, though. If you do like Cleopatra we offer a host of other games with similar Egyptian themes and our players enjoy Book of Dead as well as Book of Ra and Lady of Egypt.

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