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Viking Slots

Yggdrasil Viking Slots

Navigate your way through a trio of trailblazing trips to Valhalla, complete with ferocious features and bloodcurdling bonuses thanks to YGGdrasil’s immersive slots offerings. Live, breathe and battle in true Scandinavian style with the Vikings Go Berzerk, Vikings Go To Hell or the Vikings Go Wild slot, as they’re just as action-packed and innovative as the next in the saga. Yggdrasil has proven itself as a creative, dynamic casino game developer and its growing collection of Viking-themed slots are shining examples of how they can exceed expectations here at Slot Boss. The ongoing popularity of the dangerous descendants making an appearance in the online casino realm continues to grow and Yggdrasil have built three separate slots were the medieval menaces go Wild, Berzerk and then head directly to Hell! Here at Slot Boss, we decided to decipher our three favourite Viking slots to save you scouring the net, and leave you more time for busting into the barriers of Valhalla! Read on to discover more about our top Yggdrasil Viking-themed picks and sail into new slot settlements here at Slot Boss.

Common Slot Features

As you may expect, these three online slots from Yggdrasil share a few notable similarities. As all of these online casino games are built by the same provider, they share the same reel layout. The reel format consists of 5x4 structure, alongside 25 paylines. This structure tends to be a more popular slot choice against other variations, as this allows Slot Boss players to benefit from a larger number of paylines, providing an good number of winning opportunities and more chances at landing multipliers.

The most obvious similarity, is the consistent viking theme, as each slot is as scandinavian as the next. Yggdrasil are notorious for their spectacular video graphics, including short video snippets as an introduction to the slot and every slot appears as fierce and ferocious as the next. However, the adventures in which the Viking clad embark on all remain completely unique, meaning that players have the freedom to choose between a nautical adventure, a bloodbath in a mystical realm, or a sail across the seas to scavenge spins.

Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go Wild

Vikings Go Wild Slot Guide

Wield your war-boats and take to the seas to experience the first slot that paved the way for three years of medieval mayhem from Yggdrasil. The Vikings Go Wild slot gives Slot Boss players the chance to join arms with the menacing marauders at sea, as they battle to slay the Sea Monster. Yggdrasil had opened its doors just two years prior to this casino launch, though the graphics and features are arguably just as impressive as its newer counterparts. Players have the opportunity to pillage for high paying coins and symbols, whilst commandeering other viking characters to help steer their way to winnings. Sail the interactive raging seas on a traditional longboat, paired with two hand carved dragon figures adorning either side of the reels. As the waves lap up the side of the Viking vessel, players have the chance to try and land some of the high paying symbols on the ravenous reels.

Top Slot Features

Slot Boss players have the opportunity to collect thousands of coins across this ambitious slot. The highest paying symbols take the form of viking characters, with the two male vikings standing at 225 and 250 coins each. As we are told, Vikings love to go wild, so there’s a Wild symbol players can land to create more winning pay-lines, providing Slot Boss players with more ways to win. In terms of bonus features, this slot keeps it smart and simple. If players land three or more of the Ship Symbols on the reels, they will be awarded with either 8, 16, or 24 Free Spins, depending on how many ships they land. During this feature, all Wilds will replace with sticky wilds and remain in place for the duration of the Free Spins, which gives players a chance at increasing their winning potential. As the Free Games play out, keep a keen eye on the fifth reel, as a tantalising treasure chest may arise. This can be cracked open to award either 8 to 12 free spins, or an instant win of an impressive 1,000 coins.

Vikings Go Wild - Q&A

1. How many paylines are there, and why aren't they marked?

Vikings Go Wild is a 25-payline game in which all of the paylines are fixed. Unlike what we have seen with other games, the designers chose not to mark the paylines with numbers on either side of the reel set. It is nothing more than a design choice. Players wishing to see a visual of the paylines can open the paytable to do so.

2. What are the lower and higher paying symbols?

Lower paying symbols consist of a set of four coins. The emerald coin is the least valuable while the gold coin is the most valuable. As for the higher paying symbols, they are represented by a series of four Viking characters. Interestingly enough, the characters do not look scary enough to be Vikings.

3. What is the user interface like?

The graphics in this game are modern in every respect. Colour choices have been made wisely, and the animated ocean backdrop really adds to the experience. Just don't look at it too long; you might get seasick. Finally, the reel action is very smooth and even enjoyable to watch. Reels move at a decent speed without looking or feeling clunky.

4. How is the cash bet determined?

Because all 25 paylines are fixed, the only adjustment players can make is in the value of their coins. The cash bet displayed at the bottom of the screen is derived by multiplying the coin value by 25. So a coin value of 0.02 would result in a total cash bet of 0.50 credits. Note that your total cash bet cannot exceed the amount displayed in the 'Balance' window at the far left of the screen.

5. What does the 'Max Bet' button do?

'Max Bet' is a fairly common feature in modern video slots. Clicking the button applies the maximum wager to the player's next spin. In the case of Vikings Go Wild, that means 4.00 credits for a total wager of 100. Note that clicking the button will apply the maximum bet for every subsequent spin unless the player manually reduces his or her coin value. In other words, clicking the 'Max Bet' button does not just apply the maximum wager for a single spin.

6. Does the Wild symbol do anything special?

The Wild symbol in Vikings Go Wild is a gold symbol with the word 'Wild' in capital letters. It substitutes for all other symbols except the Free Spin Scatter symbol. It can be used to create winning combinations along with other symbols. It can also create its own winning combinations. Unfortunately, the Wild symbol has no multiplier attached to it.

7. How are winning combinations formed?

Winning at Vikings Go Wild requires forming winning combinations consisting of at least three like symbols, with or without Wilds. All wins must originate from the far-left position. Also note that if more than one win occurs on a single payline, only the highest paying win is awarded.

8. How does the Free Spins game work?

Vikings Go Wild Free Spins Bonus round is triggered by landing three or more of the Free Spin Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels during a standard spin. Land three Scatters and you get 8 free spins. Four Scatters are worth 16 free spins while five scatters will get you 24 spins.

Note that the bonus game also includes sticky characters that are part of a special animated feature. Once you earn a sticky character, it remains sticky for the remainder of bonus play.

9. What is the Treasure Chest feature?

This feature is activated by a single symbol that only appears on reel 5 in both standard and bonus play. If you land the symbol during standard play, you will be awarded either Free Spins (between 8 and 12) or cash (up to 1,000 coins). Land it during the Free Spins game and you could win up to 1,000 coins, between 2 and 4 free spins, or a single reel being made all Wild for the remainder of the free spins round.

Could you defeat the Kraken?

Think you have what it takes to unleash your Nordic ancestry and prepare for battle with the Kraken? One of the most visually appealing elements in the Viking’s Go Wild slot, is when players trigger the bonus spins round available. Land three or more scatters and this will award an amount of free spins whilst unleashing the creature. Each time a Free Spin lands one of the viking character symbols on the reels, this will take a swipe at the sea monster. If players land enough symbols to successfully drive the creature away, the symbols will become wild. If the Kraken gets the better of the characters, they will be dragged from the reels and dragged deep beneath the depths of the sea. Despite being the first viking-themed slot in the title, the animated features make this slot a clear contender amongst Yggdrasil’s newer titles.

Slot Boss’ Vikings Go Wild Official Verdict

Yggdrasil’s iconic animations and video slot format is evident, even in the earlier titles such as this slot. The vivid colours, alongside interactive slot elements and 3D features, make Vikings Go Wild an immersive experience for Slot Boss players to try out. As the Viking trio stands, the bonus features are more simplistic in this slot, meaning that our less experienced casino players would find this slot easier to navigate. If you’re looking for more simplistic approaches to modern slots, take a look at some of Slot Boss’ other popular titles including, Rainbow Riches and Starburst.

Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go Berzerk

The seafaring sirens in the Vikings Go Berzerk slot may appear harmless upon first impression, but if Slot Boss players fill one of the four Viking’s ‘Rage’ meters, the calm seas soon fold into a blazing inferno. The sirens that once appeared sincere, morph into ravenous sea creatures in the ‘Rage’ or ‘Berzerk’ feature. Watch on as the Sirens drag Slot Boss players deep down to great depths, to haul them back to the surface and witness their fiery fleet ablaze, along with crimson skies and the once timid Vikings, preparing for a bloodcurdling battle. Notably, the second Viking slot in the Yggdrasil instalment has a similar nautical theme in the same way Viking’s Go Wild boasts, but as this slot was made more recently, the attention to detail and incredible graphics make Vikings Go Berzerk a heart-pounding stand alone casino experience. Slot Boss players have the opportunity to spin through for the opportunity to take away up to 10,000 coin wins, along with notable bonus features a Yggdrasil wouldn’t be complete without. Such as Ragnarok Free Spins, Wild Reels, Berzerk Mode and a Treasure Chest feature.

Vikings Go Berzerk Theme and Play

As you already know, the theme of this game is that of a Viking warship cruising the world's oceans and fighting as they go. Vikings Go Berzerk brings back all 8 symbols from the original game along with the Viking ship and sail. However, all the graphics have been updated.

The four Viking characters look decidedly less friendly than their predecessors. As for the coins, they have been modified only slightly. You may not even notice the subtle differences if you don't compare them to the coins from the first game. Note that the reels are all placed on the sail with a blue sky and rolling waves in the background.

Gameplay in Vikings Go Berzerk is very similar to what you experienced in Vikings Go Wild. The biggest difference in this game is the addition of Viking Rage and its corresponding meters at the bottom of the screen.

Vikings Go Berzerk Bonus Features

Vikings Go Berzerk plays with three bonus features as described below. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Treasure Chests Feature

The Treasure Chests feature makes a return in Vikings Go Berzerk. It is similar to the same feature in the previous game except that Treasure Chest symbols appear on both reels 4 and 5 here. They were only on reel 5 in Vikings go Wild. Triggering this feature presents you with a number of different treasure chests from which you choose one. You can win a Multiplier, Free Spins, additional Viking Rage, or a shot at playing berserk Free Spins.

Free Spins Bonus

The game's Free Spins bonus offers you up to 21 free spins based on the number of Bonus symbols landed. The game also features a couple of extras. First, you are randomly awarded one of five enhancements before spinning starts. Those enhancements include Vikings in Berserk Mode, Sticky Wilds, Extra Free Spins, etc.

The other extra in the Free Spins game are the Sticky Wilds that result from Viking characters defeating the Siren. It takes three blows to defeat her, so the Vikings are not likely to prevail on the first battle. But once they do, their symbols become Sticky Wilds for the remaining Free Spins.

Viking Rage

Viking Rage is a great feature in the Vikings series. Each Viking character has a dedicated Rage meter that slowly fills as a character's symbol is used to form a winning combination. Once a character's meter is full, the player is rewarded with 7 Free Spins during which that particular character is in Berserk Mode. In this mode, the character cannot lose a battle against the Siren. Each victory results in a Sticky Wild left in place for the remaining Free Spins.

Slot Boss’ Vikings Go Berzerk Official Verdict

The second Viking Voyage cranks up the impressive animations and packs plenty of bloodcurdling bonuses that Slot Boss players are free to enjoy. The vivid crimson skies with raging fireballs and scorching flames on the Vikings Go Berzerk reels immerse players in an encapsulating slot environment and prove that Yggdrasil’s impressive attention to detail hasn’t fell short. Along with a lot of epic opportunities to increase winning potential, such as the Viking Characters remaining Wild in Berzerk mode, or the ability to re-trigger the Free Spins round. There’s opportunities to end up with mega amounts of wilds that lead to mega chances of winning big. Sequels aren’t usually the type of slots to deliver - but the Vikings Go Berzerk slot brings an epic cinematic gaming experience to Slot Boss.

Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go To Hell

The tenacious trilogy has previously brought not one, but two scandinavian storms to the seas of Slot Boss, but what does the Vikings Go To Hell slot have in store for Slot Boss players when the vicious vikings take on the gods of the underworld? With the third and final installment in the series, Yggdrasil has made sure the legacy of their Vikings lives on and has pulled out all of the stops with VIking’s Go To Hell. The challenging clan of characters come face to face with their biggest challenge yet - the descendents of the underworld. As you can expect from the last offering of the trio, every winning feature from the previous two titles is, bigger, better and even more barbaric! Before the gameplay springs to life, Yggdrasil have included an epic, short slot trailer in which the noble norsemen take on a demon engulfed in flames. Setting the scene deep in the heart-stopping hordes of hell, this slot features a unique, land based gameplay for the first time. The engraved stone reels hold steel framed-symbols featuring the Viking Characters. The Viking’s appear to have aged and seemingly look more menacing, which is fitting as this slot brings the biggest battle yet to Slot Boss with several years between the previous titles.

Vikings Go to Hell Bonus Features

Our Games of the Week have to have good bonus features in order to qualify. Vikings Go to Hell has three of them, beginning with a Free Spins bonus. Just like in the previous two games of the series, this bonus includes a scenario in which the Viking characters battle a demon whenever one of their symbols falls. It generally takes multiple battles for a character to win, but when that happens, the associated symbol remains as a sticky wild for the rest of the free spins.

The Free Spins bonus is a multilevel feature. By defeating the demon on one level, you will be descending into the next level to face a new demon. The further you descend, the more valuable the prizes get. As for the other two bonus features, they are as follows:

Treasure Chests

This is one of the most popular features in the Vikings series. It was introduced in the first game, before being brought back for the second game with some slight changes. It has been modified yet again for Vikings Go to Hell. This time, the Treasure Chests can appear on reels 4 and 5, but game designers have added tablets to the chests. The prize you win when the Treasure Chests feature is active depends on the tablet inside the chest you choose. You can win extra free spins, additional rage points, and more coins.

Viking Rage

The Viking Rage feature returns in Vikings Go to Hell. It has been updated in a couple of ways, the first of which is the fact that meters are now on the left side of the screen rather than the bottom. Rage is also based on accumulating points rather than filling up a graphical meter. Everything else about the Viking Rage feature remains the same in this game. Building Rage makes the Viking characters tougher during the Free Spins round, and it triggers additional free spins in Berserk mode when a character's rage is full.

Slot Boss’ Official Yggdrasil Viking Slots Verdict

Join Yggdrasil on their last Viking expedition and strap in for a gripping casino experience. As it appears, there’s a lot going on in Vikings Go To Hell slot. Though, this shouldn’t overwhelm our casino players at Slot Boss, as graphically, this slot is arguably one of the most impressive releases from Yggdrasil. Combined with the suspenseful gameplay enhanced to create a lasting slot impression, this is a Viking ride to Valhalla you won’t want to miss! Yggdrasil has managed to produce an excellent array of games that form an impressive easy-to-follow story, as characters grow older and more menacing with each new instalment. This trilogy embody everything Slot Boss loves about video slots: spectacular graphics, impressive themes and ambitious bonus features.

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