The Great Chicken Escape Review

Last Updated: 11/05/2020

Great Chicken Escape Review

Some absolutely fantastic slots have joined Slot Boss in the last couple of months and The Great Chicken Escape is most definitely near the top of that list. The slot is an adaptation of the popular movie: Chicken Run and takes all of your favourite scenes from the film and re-animates them into a slot gaming format.

About The Great Chicken Escape

These chickens have a higher ambition than being a part of somebody's Sunday dinner and in our casino games they have the chance to achieve exactly that. Players can aid our feathered friends by spinning the wild reels and making their way through the five bonus games and guiding them to freedom through Secret Tunnels or experiencing true Poultry in Motion. The Great Escape Big Money Bonus is the feature where players can win a maximum 5000x their stake if they continuously pick the correct golden eggs. In our opinion, the stand-out feature of this slot is the “To the Other Side” Free Spins where players collect 9 free spins with wild symbols providing an additional bonus. However, the true beauty of this segment is the graphics, as we see our favourite Chickens doing their utmost to reach… well, the other side.

The Great Chicken Escape - Bonus Features

The Great Chicken Escape has five different bonuses that our players should try and find if they play this slot. The first of which is the Secret Tunnel Bonus where our players will choose between three chests on the screen, either containing a cash reward, a move on or collect options. There are four different bonuses that players can be pushed towards after that.

Starting with the Poultry In Motion feature where players pick eggs to determine the number of steps they progress on the multiplier path, continuing until they pick an egg containing the collect symbol. Next up is the Get Clucky Free Spins where the player will receive 10 free spins and a multiplier that increases with every wild symbol that appears on the reels. Players will also receive Free Spins if they receive the To the Other Side Free Spins which will provide the player with 9 spins and then all multipliers that appear on the reels will be added in random positions on the final spin. Finally, we have the Big Money Bonus where players pick between 12 barrels containing cash rewards and golden eggs which allow players to either pick another egg or collect their cash rewards.

Our Experience With The Great Chicken Escape

We thought it would be good for our readers if we shared our experiences with The Great Chicken Escape by utilizing the demo feature on our site and spinning 100 times using the feature at £1 a spin. So without further ado, this is how we got on in this online slot.

Spins 1-10

Our first ten spins saw us pick up £6.80 but we didn’t activate any of the game’s main features, the wild symbols are very active so far.

Spins 11-20

We had absolutely nothing in our first 6 spins but three wins of £2+ gave us a return of £7.60 here.

Spins 21-30

7 Kings and two wilds were the star of the show early on as, when mixed with some other small wins, they gave us a final total of £13.90 from these ten spins. Still no bonus features, however.

Spins 31-40

The Wild symbols were back in full affect as they brought two wins of over £4.50 here to ensure that we made back-to-back profits from these spins. £11.20 won. 50p down.

Spins 41-50

Six of the Blue Chicken and two wild symbols gave us a win of £21 in our first three spins. However, we didn’t pick up a win in 8/10 spins here. Profit made, but we’re a little disappointed after that great start. £21.80 made here and we’re now £11.30 up.

Spins 51-60

The Great Chicken Escape symbol gave us a few small wins here but nothing major. £1.90 made, but now we’re only £3.20 up.

Spins 61-70

The Wild symbol and some aces gave us a win of £3.20, and we had some small wins in-between, but once again a disappointing run of spins. £5.20 made, £1.60 down.

Spins 71-80

The Sergeant Chicken arrives to give us a big £8 win to kick things off and we were even teased by the bonus twice, before finishing off the round with a massive £42 win with 8 Great Chicken Escape symbols. £52.20 made, £50.60 up.

Spins 81-90

80p. That’s it. £41.40 up.

Spins 91-100

FINALLY! We get a bonus, we choose option C and receive the Get Clucky Free Spins, we take it and receive an early X3 Multiplier. Unfortunately, that’s as far as the multiplier got and we ended up with £22.40. Not awful. Ended up with £25.10, meaning that we finished £56.50 up, which looked incredibly unlikely after 60 spins. We guess there’s no doubting that this is a higher volatility slot.

Please bear in mind that as all casino games are created using a random number generator, that no two experiences are the same. You will not replicate our experience, your experience could be a lot worse or a lot better, we hope it is the latter but most importantly always remember to follow safer gambling guidelines when you play with us. 18+.

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