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Rainbow Riches Megaways Slot Review

Last Updated: 11/05/2020

Rainbow Riches Megaways Slot Review

When most new players are introduced to slots they usually begin their experience with one of three games; Starburst, Book of Dead or Rainbow Riches. Out of these three games Rainbow Riches is the only one to have a sequel. Fortunately for Slot Boss players we weren’t content with just having one sequel on our site, that’s why we have a total of 10 Rainbow Riches casino games on our slots page, including the game we’re reviewing today - Rainbow Riches Megaways

About Rainbow Riches Megaways

If you have played the original Rainbow Riches, there aren’t too many different features here, except the win potential is bigger and the Return To Player is better due to the Megaways system.

Rainbow Riches will transport you to the emerald hills of Ireland where you can win one of three brilliant bonus rounds. Upon your reels you will find high paying symbols in the form of Wilds and the Rainbow Riches symbol. Lower paying symbols come in the form of A, K, Q, J and 10.

Behind your reels you will see the famous hills of Ireland with a majestic rainbow soaring over them. Keep an eye out for the bonus symbols on your reels as three or more of these will enter you into their related bonus game. The lucky leprechaun can take you down his road to riches or award you one of his precious pots of gold.

If you’re wondering why or how this slot has a whopping 117,649 ways to win in comparison to the original’s 20, it is simply down to the Megaways system, this slot has seven rows and so you don’t have to do the maths, we’ve added it below!

7 X 7 = 49 49 X 7 = 343 343 X 7 = 2,401 2,401 X 7 = 16,807 16,807 X 7 = 117,649

If you’re unfamiliar with Megaways Slots, we would suggest checking out the Slot Boss Casino Blog where you can find an article which answers the question What are Megaways Slots?

Rainbow Riches Megaways - Bonus Features

Super Gem Bonus

This mystery symbol gives players the opportunity for bigger wins with its ability to change symbols when it appears. If you spot a Super Gem on the horizontal reels, all high-value gemstones will be transformed into one - creating one randomly chosen symbol.

Free Spins!

Players can enter the Free Spins Bonus round if 4 or more scatter symbols land in view at any one time. If this happens, players will automatically be given 12 free starting spins. Every time that another scatter symbol comes into play, Slot Bossers will be rewarded with an extra 5 free spins. However, the most substantial asset of the Free Spins bonus round is definitely the unlimited multiplier bonus. After every winning cascade, the win multiplier will increase by one, this continues to stack until the round is over but that’s not all! During the round +1, +2 and +3 symbols may appear on the reels which provide the player with even more free spins.

Our Experience With Rainbow Riches Megaways

We thought it would be good for our readers if we shared our experiences with Rainbow Riches Megaways by utilizing the demo feature on our site and spinning 100 times and we will be using the feature at £1 a spin. So without further ado, this is how we got on in this online slot.

Spins 1-10

In our case, this wasn’t a very good start at all. We put in £10 and received £2.55 back from some low-paying symbols, although we did see the reels cascade and a Megaways of around 9000.

Spins 11-20

We can’t complain here, we spent £10 in these spins and got £16 back mainly from the Diamond symbols which ended up giving us 9x our stake with the cascading reels.

Spins 21-30

Cascading Reels are seemingly a player’s best friend in this one. We didn’t have a single win over £2 but still managed to get £13.85 from £10 here.

Spins 31-40

A rather quiet set of spins saw us pick up £5 from three silver gems but other than that we just picked up petty cash. £3.20 down from these ten.

Spins 41-50

A respectable round saw us pick up £10.80 as we received two £2.40 wins and a £3.60 win. Any profit is a good profit as they say!

Spins 51-60

This slot has been consistent we’ll give it that. We picked up £12.40 here, giving us a smooth £2.40 profit with our highest win being £5.80

Spins 61-70

Consistency! We won £14.80 here thanks to a big £8 spin and the cascading reels giving us a little hand. £4.80 in profit from these spins.

Spins 71-80

A little worse off this time around we picked up £6.20 and that was only thanks to a 3 gem combination.

Spins 81-90

A massive win of £20.40 ensures that we will finish this slot at least in profit, the cascading reels tumble after a 3 gem win, leaving a 6-way combination of Kings which once again set up a big gem win.

Spins 91-100

And we end on a disappointing note, we have a smaller £4.80 come out of our £10 this time around but we are still in the profit as we have won: £7.60 in total. Not our grandest total but we’ll take it.

Please bear in mind that as all casino games are created using a random number generator, that no two experiences are the same. You will not replicate our experience, your experience could be a lot worse or a lot better, we hope it is the latter but most importantly always remember to follow safer gambling guidelines when you play with us. 18+.

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