The Goonies: Jackpot King Slot Review

Last Updated: 11/05/2020

Goonies: Jackpot King Review

When it comes to Jackpot King games, few do it better than Blueprint Gaming. If you haven’t played the original Goonies slot then we definitely recommend it as it’s one of the top played slot games on Slot Boss. As you can probably tell, both slots are based upon the 1980’s film and in our opinion do the film justice with the high quality of both slots.

About The Goonies: Jackpot King

TV and Film slots are usually fairly successful upon release and we’ve found that The Goonies: Jackpot King is no different. In regards to the style of the slot and how it plays, it’s very similar to the original slot but contains the wonderful Jackpot King to make it one of our top Jackpot slots. The slot contains three bonus features, three Free Spins features and a Feature Gamble, so if you’re not content with the bonus you activate during the wheel spin, you can try again with that bonus removed.

Bonus Features in Goonies: Jackpot King

Fratellis’ Hideout Bonus - If the Fratellis’ Hideout symbol is landed on the reels, players will pick a key which will contain either the Collect, Cash Add or the Hidden Tunnel Bonus.

Goonies Go Wild! - Free Spins - If players land on this feature, every spin after the first spin will have a Wild symbol at the top of the reels! Players can also pick one of three Copperpot Doubloons to either Collect, receive extra spins or enter the One-Eyed Willy feature.

Inferno Free Spins - Can you feel the heat with these Free Spins? Inferno symbols engulf between 1-3 reels in flames and make all the symbols Wild. The wheel also allows players to either Collect, receive extra spins or enter the One-Eyed Willy feature.

Sloth Free Spins - Reveal a new set of reels and land Super Sloth Wilds to push Fratelli symbols up the reels. Players have the chance to win extra prizes at the end of the round as they pick chests which reveal either the Collect, Super Sloth or One-Eyed Willy features. One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus - A wheel will spin with a number of fantastic multipliers and whatever multiplier the player lands on, they receive. Skeleton Organ Bonus - Collect Organ Keys and match characters with multipliers to receive an upgrade icon which increases multipliers and uncovers keys. These can unlock the door to additional bonus features. Watch out for the Skull and Crossbone symbols though, because three strikes and you’re out of the bonus!

One-Eyed Willy’s Riches - One-Eyed Willy’s Riches can be triggered randomly on any spin. There are six different riches that Willy can bestow upon the player, they are: Data’s Colossal Symbols - When reels spin, three reels will transform into a Colossal Reel. Mikey’s Hidden Riches - It’s not easy to make Mikey share his riches but here he turns one of the reels into one stacked full of Wild symbols. Mouth’s Lucky Coins - A symbol is chosen at random to be displayed inside the Golden Coin. Willy’s Bonus Boost - Additional Bonus symbols are added to the reels. Sloth’s Win Spin - Guarantees the player a big winning spin. All hail the Sloth! Truffle Shuffle WIlds - Join the Wild symbols in taking over the reels and turning positions into Wilds.

Our 100 Spins

Now, we’re playing this slot using the fantastic demo play feature that comes with being a registered player at Slot Boss, this allows players to test out our online slots that they’re fairly interested in but aren’t 100% sure about playing. Without further ado, let’s get into the spins!

Spins 1-10

A satisfactory start to our spins as we land £6 from the first spin. This leads us to have £11.60 from our £10 deposit.

Total Deposited - £10

Total Returned - £11.60

Spins 11-20

We collect £8.40 from our £10 here as our highest win comes from five aces on a payline. No sign of bonus rounds just yet.

Total Deposited - £20

Total Returned - £20

Spins 21-30

Welp, £2.60 from £10. We need a bonus and soon. At least we got another 3 aces in a payline for one of our wins.

Total Deposited - £30

Total Returned - £22.60

Spins 31-40

We were heading towards absolute disaster with another £2.60 coming from our first 9 spins before “HEY YOU GUYS!” consumed the screen and asked us to pick a key. We got Mouth’s Lucky Coins before getting very unlucky and landing Jacks which only gave us a win of £7.60 and £10.20 in total.

Total Deposited - £40

Total Returned - £32.80

Spins 41-50

We land the One-Eyed Willy bonus which gives us a mystery win of £10. We also have wins of £3.80.

Total Deposited - £50

Total Returned - £46.60

Spins 51-60

We only have two wins in these 10 but our first was a whopping £9 from Wilds and King symbols. The other was a Never Say Die £2.

Total Deposited - £60

Total Returned - £57.60

Spins 61-70

We receive £9.60 and win from 6 of our 10 spins, meaning we have a number of smaller wins, but we haven’t been close to the Jackpot yet.

Total Deposited - £70

Total Returned - £67.20

Spins 71-80

This is more like it! We don’t activate any bonus features, but we have three spins where Wilds are placed alongside Never Say Die symbols for £7, Treasure Chests for £5 and card symbols for £6.40. There are also smaller wins for £2.50. Creating a total of £20.90

Total Deposited - £80

Total Returned - £88.10

Spins 81-90

We’re building up a head of steam finally, as we have a tonne of smaller wins for £5.40, but also another Never Say Die Wild Combo producing a whopping £10 from one spin.

Total Deposited - £90

Total Returned - £103.50

Spins 91-100

We don’t get another bonus but we do get a good combo of Wild Symbols with Never Say Die symbols and aces to create a combo of £8.20 as well as £2 from smaller wins.

Total Deposited - £100

Total Returned - £111.70

Please bear in mind that as all casino games are created using a random number generator, that no two experiences are the same. You will not replicate our experience, your experience could be a lot worse or a lot better, we hope it is the latter but most importantly always remember to follow safer gambling guidelines when you play with us. 18+.

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