Da Vinci Diamonds Slot Review

Da Vinci Diamonds Slot Game Review

Providing premium slot entertainment for several years, Da Vinci Diamonds is one of IGT's most iconic slots. Not only are the graphics stunning, but the chance to win up to 5000 times your stake on each spin also provides an excellent reason to give the game a go if you wish!

If you're a UK online slots enthusiast who likes a classic game that's straightforward to play and yet offers plenty of entertainment and the chance to potentially win a large payout, Da Vinci Diamonds needs to be on your playlist.

Play Da Vinci Diamonds

Read on to discover more about this iconic slot, including details of the various features on offer and how best to increase your chances of a win.

Theme & Styling Of Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

As you might expect from the title, Da Vinci Diamonds has a clear link with the archetypal renaissance man himself, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Artist, inventor and acclaimed military engineer, it is his artwork which is reproduced in this slot. During play, symbols on the main screen include Da Vinci's iconic Mona Lisa portrait, the Lady with an Ermine picture and Portrait of a Musician. The symbols are actual reproductions of the main part of each artwork, providing stunning imagery.

During the free spins feature, the pictures change, with fresh images, including La Belle Ferroniere, represented. Diamond gems form the other symbols, all set against a deep rose red background with an ornate, gold, picture frame border. The resulting slot is beautifully presented and fantastic to play.

How To Play Da Vinci Diamonds

Before playing with a stake, carefully select the number of pay lines you want to play with, and the size of your stake.

There are 20 pay lines, enabling you to bet up to 20x your stake value at any time. To maximise the chance of a win, we recommend betting on as many pay lines as possible, lowering your stake if you are keeping to a budget. Coin (stake) sizes vary from £0.20 (which would mean a bet of £4 if you bet on every pay line), through to £5 (which would involve a combined stake of £100 if each pay line was bet on).

Check coin values carefully. Once your stake has been selected, it's time to begin playing.

The interface of Da Vinci Diamonds means that placing bets and playing the game are straightforward, so once you’ve decided on your stake you can sit back, enjoy the game’s visuals and watch out for a win.

A Look At The Special Features In Da Vinci Diamonds

In addition to the wins available when you get three or more symbols in a row (the best combination to get is a Mona Lisa on each reel, which results in a payout that is higher than some jackpot slot games and that payout is 1000x your stake value). Da Vinci Diamonds also includes wilds, as well as an engaging bonus feature.

The game features cascading symbols (so symbols which fall vertically), filling in the "gaps" created by a winning combination. This characteristic, which was pioneered by IGT, means it's possible to obtain multiple wins from the same game, provided winning combinations replace each other.

Three or more bonus symbols from left to right will trigger a fresh, bonus screen. This contains different portraits to the main screen and is where players can use their free spins.

The initial number of free spins will be increased should more bonus symbols appear as a result of a free spin. For example, three bonus symbols will reward an additional 3, 4 or 5 free spins, whilst five bonus symbols could cause 6, 12 or even 15 additional free spins, each of which has the potential to net you a prize or further free spins.

In total, up to 300 free spins can be generated! The maximum payout for this slot is 5,000 times the initial stake value!

Da Vinci Diamonds: Verdict

Da Vinci Diamonds has great visuals and a unique theme that, even after a number of years, continue to set it apart from other online slot games. If you’re looking for a cultured and sophisticated take on slot gaming, then Da Vinci Diamonds is a superb choice, especially if you’re looking to play on mobile using the Slot Boss free slot app

There’s a reason why this game is so popular with players, and that is because it provides a highly enjoyable slot gaming experience with a perfect combination of visuals, gameplay, extra features and winning potential.

Da Vinci Diamonds is a classic game and one that we recommend everyone, from new players to experienced gamers, to check out.

If you like Da Vinci Diamonds then why not check out the fantastic follow up titles Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks and Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play for even more Da Vinci themed gaming. Who knows what we could see in the future, maybe we’ll see Da Vinci Diamonds in our online Slingo slots sometime soon or perhaps it’ll end up on our list of Megaways slots in the near future.