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What are Slot Boss Instants?

What are Slot Boss Instants?

Our esteemed writer went around asking people what instant online slots were and he found that very few people could give an in-depth description. Therefore, he decided to do a bit of research and find exactly what was the difference between an instant slot and a standard online slot.

What makes a Slot Boss Instant different from a Slot Boss Slot

Faster Gameplay

Our typical casino games is relatively quick, players pick a stake, spin and then wait for the reels to spin. In Slot Boss Instants, the first half is the same but the spin/scratch is instant meaning that players can put together spins as quickly as they like. When combined with the autoplay feature to time how fast we could play ten spins on our featured game Deal or No Deal slot, in 10 spins we had 14 winning combinations that went by in 53 seconds with an average of 5.3 seconds per spin. We compared this with one of the most popular regular slots Rainbow Riches which came back to us with a better time of 49 seconds but we only managed 5 winning combinations. Meaning that Beehive Bedlam gave us a total of 14 more wins in 4 seconds.

Much more variation in RTP

The majority of slots on Slot Boss vary between 94-96% Return To Player with the average being somewhere around the 95.2% mark, meanwhile Instant Slots often have a much bigger variable. The lowest slot is the popular Deal or No Deal Scratchcard with a Return to Player of 77.76% and the highest number is the less popular Hi Lo Gambler with a whopping 97.67% which demonstrates that our Instant Win players are more interested in their own personal experience rather than Return to Player rates.

If you’re looking to find the slots with the best Return to Player rate, be sure to go back and check out another Online Slots Blog called Five Slots with the highest RTP. It may surprise you to know that if Instant Slots were included, Hi Lo Gambler would have made a top three spot in that list.


Openbet Games has released five different scratchcard games to Slot Boss. The most unique is the previously mentioned Deal or No Deal but they have also released four scratch cards known as the “Scratch 4” series which offer different buy ins ranging from £10 to £1. Scratch 4 Gold requires a buy-in of £1, Scratch 4 Rubies requires a buy-in of £2, Scratch 4 Emeralds has a buy-in of £5 and finally, Scratch 4 Diamonds has a buy in of £10.

In these games players are provided with four different scratch cards with different ways to win varying from “Equal a Four” and “Reveal a Four to “Match 3 symbols” and “Match 3 Values”

Are instant wins growing or decreasing in popularity?

Although there are such a small number of Instant Win slots in the online slots world and based off what we have already read, you would expect instant wins to be decreasing in popularity. However, after their provider IWG teamed up with Blueprint Gaming to release Deal or No Deal Scratchcard their CEO Rhydian Fisher stated this:

“The popularity of the instant-win games continues to grow at a rapid pace and this is vindicated by the demand we’re now experiencing from slot providers to have their content adapted for the market.

“We’re thrilled to have provided Blueprint Gaming with rich and engaging instant-win games based on their quality slots and are sure they will prove very popular with players.”

Now naturally, any CEO is expected to promote their company, but the fact that Slot Boss is seeing more and more Instant Win games arrive into its library, we’re inclined to believe that Instant Wins could be the future of slots.

Our Experience with Beehive Bedlam

One of the most popular Instant Win games is Beehive Bedlam and we were very intrigued to see exactly why this particular game stood out above the rest. So we made use of the demo available to all Slot Boss account holders and decided to play 100 games at £1 a play to see how this Instant operated.

It took us 10 plays to unlock the Free Fall and receive our first achievement “Beginners Luck” in another 18 spins we unlocked our second achievement which was “Nectar Points” and we started to get honey into our jar. After 50 spins, it looked like it wasn’t to be our day as we had failed to break even or see a profit. However, on our 57th spin we were entered into the Free Fall round for the second time and were gifted with the biggest win of the game when we received a cascading combination of 8 Buzz symbols, 5 Beekeepers, 9 Purple Flowers 12 Blue Flowers and a number of small groups of Red and Blue Flowers to give us a total win of £11.20 from £1 which put us £5 up for the slot. This was the last major action between now and the final spin which saw us win £3 to put us £4.50 up. This may not seem like a lot but when you consider this was without the game’s Progressive Jackpot in play and we narrowly missed out on the Free Fall round 9 times, we were content with how the spins went.

Please bare in mind that as all slot games are created using a random number generator, that no two experiences are the same. You will not replicate our experience, your experience could be a lot worse or a lot better, we hope it is the latter but most importantly always remember to follow safer gambling guidelines when you play with us. 18+.

Regular Slots

If you have read this article and think that Instant Win slots might not be for you, then we suggest taking a look at some of our classic slots. Our three favourites are Book Of Dead, Cop the Lot and 100k drop.