Our top Three Asian Slots

Dragon’s Luck Megaways

If you’re looking to play slots online this Chinese New Year we recommend checking out Dragon’s Luck Megaways. Now, if you haven’t played this already, you might recognize the slot from its first instalment, Dragon’s Luck. This slot holds all of the things you may have come to expect from the Megaways engine, but if you’re unsure on what to expect from a Megaways slot, check out our Megaways guide for all the need to know information.

In regards to the slot itself, it takes place in the mountains of China (perhaps where locals hid from the Nian) where players can find some of the greatest and most ancient Chinese treasures. In order to get the biggest wins from this slot, players must receive the blessing of the dragon, create Super Symbols and collect Dragon Coins in order to gain the highest possible wins available in this slot. But the question remains, can you find the mega Dragon coin?

Ninja Ways

Before the Megaways system was invented by Big Time Gaming, having three-digit pay lines was a fairly big deal and having four-digit pay lines was massive. That’s exactly what Red Tiger Gaming had in the Ninja Ways slot. Now if we’re honest, when it comes to TV & Film, the idea and utilisation of Ninjas has been massively overdone in our opinion. When it comes to slots, that couldn’t be further from the facts, there are very few Ninja themed slots and Ninja Ways is arguably the best of the lot. There are fantastic graphics as the slot is set on a background of a beautiful Asian temple at sunset. Meanwhile, for the bonus features, there are Ninja Ways, Ninja Wilds, Ninja Doors and Ninja Spins so there is more than enough for our players to sink their teeth into if they wish to play this slot.

88 Fortunes Megaways

The 88 Fortunes Megaways slot isn’t that much different from the original 88 Fortunes. The background, colour scheme and symbols remained the same and kept the charm that made 88 Fortunes such a fan favourite here at Slot Boss. However, there is one aspect of this slot that makes it rather historical, the RTP on the slot can vary depending on the players’ decisions as it begins at an above-average 96.06% but increases to 96.27% with the introduction of the gold symbols. However, as players add gold symbols, it will increase the cost of coins per spin. One aspect that players may be slightly sad regarding is the loss of the Jackpot King feature and the Progressive Jackpot that comes with it, which made this slot a fantastic jackpot slot. However, to ask for a slot that includes the Jackpot King and the Megaways engine might be a little greedy.

Two Bamboozling Chinese Myths

Eating Dumplings save your ears/Dumplings look like ears

Personally, we’ve never ordered a Chinese and thought our dumplings look like objects. Perhaps, we’ll start looking for lookalike slots in our soup. We’re not just talking rubbish here, Chinese mythology claims that due to the goddess “Nuwa” who, when she created humans out of yellow clay, thought that ears would freeze and detach themselves from the body in winter. To fix this she sewed ears in place like you would see on a dumpling. Now, the reason some people’s dumplings might look like this is that they moulded the dough into the shape of ears in order to thank her. We’re hoping that no providers take note of this otherwise we might have dumpling themed casino slots in the near future.

”The Stove God”

We’ve all tasted someone's cooking and thought “this is god-like”. However, on the New Year, the Stove God returns from the heavens and reports to the Jade Emperor, telling him how each family acted throughout the year. He then carries out the orders of the Jade Emperor who instructs him to either punish or bless each family. They have a belief that if a candy gourd is homemade and left out at night, the Stove God will eat it and it will sweeten his mouth, so he can not punish the family and they will enjoy plentiful food for the entire year.

Two FAQs regarding Chinese New Year

How Long Is the Chinese New Year

The short answer is that it lasts for approximately 23 days, ending on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the Chinese holiday. 2020 is the year of the Rat which is one of the Zodiac animals in Chinese mythology. This is because they are: “clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life.” The years alternate every 12 years, meaning that the last year of the Rat was 2008. However, we’re not entirely sure you’ll find rats in our online slots.

Why is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

Now, if you’re unaware, this might just sound ignorant, but if you do know the story, you’ll understand why this question could be asked. In ancient times, there was a beast called Nianshou, otherwise known as Nian, it was a sea-creature that would turn up every Chinese New Year’s Eve to feast on animals and humans in nearby villages. To avoid the beast, people ran into the mountains for years and stayed there throughout New Year’s Eve until an elderly man had a theory and successfully scared away the beast with red papers, burning bamboo, wearing red clothing and lighting candles. The villagers returned to find their homes unharmed and thus a holiday was born.

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