Is VR The Future of Slots

Is VR The Future of Slots and Gambling

Is VR the future of slots

Casino games have burst onto the gambling scene in recent years. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of slots to play online. These come with an absolutely huge variety of different themes and almost anything imaginable can be turned into a slot. The industry has shown no signs of slowing down with gaming developers competing with each other and releasing new slots every week. For you, this is great. If you’re a slots fan it means you can probably find a theme or game that interests you right here at Slot Boss. The idea of Virtual Reality slots could revolutionise the casino industry. What if you could be inside the world of the slot you want to play?

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality, often known as VR, is a computer generated, three-dimensional environment that can be interacted with by a user. Current VR technology uses headsets and controllers allowing the person to look around and “interact” with their environment. VR can simulate as many senses as possible, such as vision, touch, hearing and even smell.

The concept of VR has been around since the early 1950s, with cinematographer Morton Heilig building “Sensorama.” This was essentially a pod that played five short films whilst engaging with the senses (sight, sound, smell and touch). Through the 20th Century several industries used versions of VR including medical sectors, flight simulation, automobile and military training. By the 1980’s the term “virtual reality” was coined by Jaron Lanier; a modern pioneer in the field.

The first consumer headsets were released in the early 1990’s with the Sega VR. In the same year, Virtuality was launched featuring headsets and exoskeleton gloves to give one of the first “immersive” experiences. Whilst this technology may sound ahead of its time, each set cost around $73,000.

The 2000’s are where VR, as we see it today, was introduced. In 2010 the Oculus Rift was released which pioneered the market. This boasted a 90-degree field of view which was unheard of in the consumer market. In 2014, Facebook purchased the technology for a figure of $3 billion which probably gives you an idea of the future of VR.

Virtual reality is clearly not a new concept but as technology has evolved so has VR. The core market is generally dedicated computer gamers who want a rich and interactive gaming environment. Virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR can now be bought for anyone to use. By 2016 over 230 companies have actively started developing virtual reality technology.

As technology grows, VR could be used by a wide variety of industries for a number of reasons. So that brings us to the question, is VR the future of slots?

Virtual Reality Slots

One of the first VR slot releases was the ever popular Starburst. NetEnt’s game featuring vibrant colour bursts was perfect for virtual reality. What’s interesting about this slot is that the reels will spin right in front of you. If you win you’ll see gems exploding around you for a completely different slot experience.

Virtual slots have gigantic potential due to the many themes that come with them. Whether it be conquering the pyramids in Egypt or exploring the Emerald hills of Ireland you could be fully immersed in your environment. NetEnt seem to be innovating with VR slots currently and have also have plans to turn Gonzo’s Quest into a fully interactive slot experience. In this slot you will be transported into the ruins alongside Gonzo and his reels. Cascading blocks will smash down in front of you whilst you bask in the naturalness of the jungle.

Clearly virtual reality slots are still in their early beginnings but it’s possible that in the future they could attract a different kind of player. There could potentially be no experience to rival VR slots in the years to come which means operators could bring back disillusioned players. As well as this, they can target a more tech-focused audience who are not as interested in slots as the older generation. This could be absolutely crucial to the longevity of the slots industry going forward.

The slots possibilities are endless, with many people asking why would you play slots on desktops or tablets when you can jump straight into their virtual reality versions. It remains to be seen how fast virtual reality slots will advance in the coming years but if trends are anything to go by they could redefine the casino industry.

Virtual Reality Casinos

Many people play slots across the world from the comfort of their own homes with online casinos. You can even join live casino lobbies where dealers will spin the roulette wheel or play blackjack, just like a normal casino. Despite this, many gamblers have struggled to make the transition from land-based casinos to online casinos. A VR casino could potentially allow customers to interact with the casino environment whilst playing their game of choice. The possibilities for online casinos are endless here; you could sit at a poker table with others from the comfort of your sofa and be fully immersed. Maybe one day the technology would even be as advanced enough to read opponents facial expressions whilst playing. Picture it: You want to go to the casino, but you can’t be bothered to travel there. You slide on your VR headset and are instantly transported to a virtual casino environment. Here you’d find the same atmosphere and same games for an authentic casino experience. There aren’t many virtual reality casinos around at the moment but we expect them to take off soon.

Slots at Slot Boss

We understand that VR Casinos are currently very basic and inaccessible for many people. Luckily here at Slot Boss we offer over 300 slots for our players to play. We hope that you can find a slot you would like to play. If Live Casino is more your thing we have a huge range of games hosted by the most professional dealers.

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