Roulette Bankroll

How To Build A Bankroll In Live Roulette?

Roulette Bankroll

How to set your Bankroll in Roulette

Roulette is a casino game that has been popular for generations so it is bamboozling that some players don’t believe in tried and tested systems such as bankrolling. It is quite literally what the majority of roulette strategies are based on and yet some players still would rather risk losing everything in one spin. If you win you get a little extra cash in the pocket, but if you lose the consequences are greater. It can be difficult to set a bankroll for roulette, especially when guides across the internet cater to the £1,000+ players rather than the majority of players who play with smaller budgets. That’s where Slot Boss comes in.

Alike to the bankroll management in the how to play blackjack online guide, which has since helped several players become smarter blackjack players, we’re hoping that we can repeat that with online roulette. If you’re a regular online slots player then you may be thinking: I already play casino games, I know how to set a bankroll. Trust us when we say it’s different, especially if you play at a mobile casino like Slot Boss. The first thing you must know regarding playing roulette is to set your…


Rule one: “Expectations were like fine pottery. The harder you held them, the more likely they were to crack.” - Brandon Sanderson

Expectations are essential, as a player you should never expect massive wins. Sit down and watch others play the game, judge how other people’s experiences are going and then think about your expectations. It is important to grasp what players do well and what players do poorly. One thing we consistently saw last year was young adults who place themselves down at a table expecting to win thousands and ending up losing more than they can realistically afford to risk. Realise this mistake before you make it, otherwise you’ll only notice it after it’s too late.

“Once you start thinking you have nothing left to learn, you have everything to learn.” - Steve Badger

Steve Badger’s quote was originally said regarding poker. However, when you think about it, this quote can be adapted to anything in the casino world. The game of roulette constantly changes and adaptation is crucial. Don’t expect to become a winner overnight and don’t expect to triple your winnings in one night. That is our first rule of casino and to anyone who is unsure about setting a bankroll.


Don’t rush into betting, gambling or anything else. If there is money involved why would you be foolish in rushing into losing it?

If a random man came up to you in the street and said to you “if you bet £2,000, you could win £4,000 if you pick the correct cup, or alternatively, you can play 20 games at £100 and see how it goes”, would you bet the £2,000? No, because it’s illogical. Let’s take another example into the casino and say that a round of Live Roulette takes 1 minute. If you have an hour to play, divide the amount you're willing to stake by 70. Why 70? One section for every minute and an extra 10 just in case. Players should never hit the end of the bankroll, which leads to our rule number 2: always bet less than you can afford to lose. It is always helpful to have the extra money available but that isn’t a luxury that every player has, so our final step is...


Our final rule of playing at a casino is never spend more than you can afford. Whether you’re playing slingo slots, casino games or even having a night down the bingo, the rule will always apply. Be realistic - manage your balance accordingly. Anyone looking to gamble or place a bet should always be safe because as soon as you’re not, your playing experience will be significantly worsened. If you have done this in the past, be sure to check out our Reality Check section and ensure you’re having the safest possible experience when playing roulette.

If you remain realistic when setting expectations and use those expectations to correctly manage your time in the casino then you should be creating a bankroll that is suitable for you. This is one of the most important steps to ensuring you’re safe in any casino environment, and all it requires is a realistic mindset and possibly a calculator!

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