Deal or No Deal Slots

Deal Or No Deal Slots

Deal or No Deal is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. With over 3,000 episodes totalling over 125 days worth of entertainment, it comes as no surprise that Deal or No Deal has transgressed into multiple categories of entertainment, including casinos. Here at Slot Boss we currently have seven Deal or No Deal online casino games across a variety of different styles. In this blog, you will be able to read all about Deal or No Deal slots and what they represent. To begin with, we’ll start with everything you need to know about Deal or No Deal slots.

About Deal or No Deal Slots

If you’re unaware, Deal or No Deal is a game show that allows players to choose between 25 boxes to remove the smallest totals available and leave yourself with two high totals. After each round of gameplay, the banker calls and provides players with a cash offer and they ultimately decide whether or not they wish to accept or reject. This is an attribute that transfers into some of the online slots on Slot Boss which you can find by checking out each of the specific casino games below.

How have Deal or No Deal slots stayed unique?

When it comes to innovation, it is difficult for slots based on TV shows to remain innovative and takes a lot of creativity. However, a number of our providers have added their own spins to the brilliant theme, including the following:

Slingo Megaways Instant Win games including scratchcards Slot machine branding Online live casino Turbo and sped-up play Slot reels

With these seven optimisations to the brilliant brand, each of our Deal or No Deal games are different, and no two experiences are the same. So why not try out each of our games and find out exactly what we offer?

Deal Or No Deal Games

Here at Slot Boss, we have seven Deal or No Deal games that you can play today either with real money or for free! We’ll go through each of these games and tell you all you need to know, so you know exactly which Deal or No Deal slot fits your preferences.

Deal Or No Deal Megaways

Play Deal or No Deal Megaways

The instant difference between Deal or No Deal and this online Megaways slot is that the game begins with slot reels. This 6-reel slot contains up to 117,649 different ways to win as well as a number of the typical features that are found in Megaways games. This is the only slot where you will find three bonus rounds and cascading reels. This means that all winning symbols on the reels will cause a chain reaction where winning symbols are removed from the reels and replaced by new symbols. There is the chance to increase these wins by landing wild symbols on the horizontal reel at the top of the 6 reel set.

Deal or No Deal Megaways Bonus Features

There are three bonus features in the Deal or No Deal Megaways slot. The first of these is the Deal or No Deal Bonus, which follows the traditional Deal or No Deal format. After activating the bonus, players will enter the Deal or No Deal studio with prizes shown on screen. These prizes depend on the level of the bonus; the levels available are:

Deal or No Deal - Cash and Free Spins equally divided.

Super Deal or No Deal - More Free Spins than cash prizes.

Mega Deal or No Deal - Only Free Spin prizes.

Pick your box and play Deal or No Deal just like on TV!

The second bonus feature is the Free Spins bonus round, which begins with an unlimited win multiplier that increases by one with every cascade. The horizontal reel at the top of the reels can provide players with additional Free Spins.

Three Free Spin scatters can provide players with five additional Free Spins.

Four Free Spins scatters can provide players with 10 additional Free Spins.

The final bonus feature is the outstanding Jackpot King bonus feature which can be activated during any spin. This will bring up a brand new set of reels which allow players to play for the Progressive Jackpot bonus. Accumulate 15 Crown symbols for the chance to enter the Wheel King Bonus, where players choose between three icons which allow them to continue spinning, collect their winnings or move directly through to the Wheel King Bonus. During the Wheel King Bonus, players will spin the wheel to unveil either a big multiplier or the Progressive Jackpot.

Deal or No Deal Live

Play Deal or No Deal Live

The live casino rendition of Deal or No Deal is the game that is most alike to the original TV show, but is also one of the most unique casino games on Slot Boss. To enter the game, players must first qualify by landing three golden segments in the unlocked section of the vault. Each spin of the vault will cost the price at the bottom of the reels. Once qualified, players will top up the prizes for each box. There are three ways players can do this; they are:

Players can take a scattered approach and top up as many boxes as possible. Top up one box as much as you can and hope it lands. Top up between 3-5 boxes to give yourself a more even chance of winning.

To build up boxes, players must spin the wheel (your stake will be added with every spin), with each spin adding a total to the box selection. Click on a box and spin the reel to top up that box.

Deal or No Deal Slingo

Play Deal or No Deal Slingo

This game saw the brilliance of Slingo introduced to the Deal or No Deal brand. If you’re unaware, Slingo is a combination of slots and bingo. Upon first glance, this game will look identical to what Deal or No Deal should look like, but the gameplay holds a unique twist!

Set your stake and click play to begin your Slingo experience. In traditional fashion, pick your box from the 26 on-screen and spin the reels to receive one of the following:

Numbers land on the reel and are needed to cross numbers off the grid.

Jokers & Super Jokers are more valuable and can be used to tick off a number anywhere on your grid.

Free Spin icon allows players one free spin at the end of the round.

Coin awards an instant money prize.

Devils prevent all wins on that line.

The wins available for crossing off lines in Deal or No Deal Slingo are:

One to Three - Nothing: If players land three or fewer lines in Slingo Deal or No Deal, they will not receive any multipliers or wins.

Four - Banker’s Call: You will receive a phone call from the banker with an estimated value of your box. You can choose whether to continue spinning, open your box or accept the banker’s offer.

Five - 2x: If you land five lines on the card, you will notice all blue and red totals have been doubled.

Six - 3x: Landing six lines on the card will triple all totals.

Seven - 4x: Landing seven lines on the card will quadruple all totals.

Eight - 5x: Landing eight lines on the card will multiply all original totals by 5x.

Nine - 6x: Landing nine lines on the card will multiply all original totals by 6x.

Ten - 7x: Landing 10 lines on the card will multiply all original totals by 7x.

Full House - 20x: The biggest win players can receive is in the Full House. Land 11 lines on the card and you will receive a whopping 20x the original totals. This means that in a £1 game, your maximum win is £1000!

Deal or No Deal Instant Win

This is the typical Deal or No Deal game where players are presented with 26 boxes, and each contains a prize from the board. There is a quick pick option that allows players to sim to the end of the round where they are asked the important question of “Deal or No Deal”

Each round requires you to open several boxes:

Round 1 - Open 6 boxes Round 2 - Open 5 boxes Round 3 - Open 5 boxes Round 4 - Open 4 boxes Round 5 - Open 4 boxes

Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play

This slot machine style game takes inspiration from the retro style slot machines that you can find in venues around the world. If you’re looking for the complete retro gaming experience, then look no further than Deal or No Deal’s Perfect Play. To win in the Perfect Play slot, players must land winning sequences on the reels to unlock either the bonus or super bonus. Landing eight winning symbols will activate the super bonus, which can provide the following features:

Feature+: Increases the feature board on the left.

Cash+: Increases the cash board on the right.

Free Spin: Awards an additional Free Spin. Winnings are put into the cash pot.

Arrow: Moves the player to the inside of the board.

Phone: Collect three or more to enter the Deal or No Deal Bonus.

Heart: Collect three to award an extra life.

Cash Out: Forces the player out of the Trail Bonus with a dapple which awards a prize or loses.

Multiplier: A multiplier of the player’s stake is put into the cash pot.

Bonus: Awards a Bonus.

Mystery: Awards a Stopper, Cash Out or Heart.

This slot may look like a typical fruit machine, but with 16 bonus rounds available for players to utilise, there is no doubt that the Perfect Play has one of the most expansive gaming experiences we’ve ever seen. The available features are:

BIG MONEY - 10 gold boxes appear with values ranging from 100 to 1000x the player’s stake. Pick one of the shuffled boxes and collect your prize.

POWERPLAY - Spin the reels and be given a yes/no to a respin. If yes, the reels spin to another win.

BOX MAGIC - Pick a Red Box to reveal cash prizes or the collect symbol. If you win a cash prize, continue your game.

BANK ON IT - Press the start button and receive one of the top seven prizes on the cash ladder.

CASH COMBO - Press the start button to win one of the many cash prizes shown on the right-hand side.

STAR PRIZE - Click one of the blue boxes to reveal CLIMB 1, 2, 3 or collect. Revealing a climb will advance you up the cash ladder.

BIG REDS - A random selection will be made from the Red DOND values.

BOX CLEVER - Pick one of the three DOND boxes to reveal a prize.

REEL RUSH - Spin the main game reels and collect any spins.

EASY MONEY - The player Hi-Lo gambles up the cash ladder until they lose the gamble.

CRAZY CASH - Players have three attempts at climbing the cash ladder.

CASH CODE - The base game reels spin and the player presses SPIN to stop the reels. The numbers in view climb the cash ladder by the corresponding number of segments.

MONEY BOX - Pick a prize from the three blue boxes on the right.

TURBO GAMBLE - A gamble up/down on the cash ladder.

HOT SHOT - A random prize from the blue DOND boxes will be picked.

WIN SPIN - The base game reels shall spin to a winning combination.

Deal or No Deal Rapid Round

Play Deal or No Deal Rapid Round

This classic slot comes to us from the creators at Playzido, this 5x3 slot contains 10 paylines an, much like the other great Deal or No Deal slots, the symbols and design signify the detail to which Playzido go to. However, the most significant wins come from the Free Spins bonus round, which is activated by landing two bonus symbols on the reels. The Free Spins bonus round offers many boxes with Free Spins totals inside, alongside win multipliers, followed up by an offer from the banker with a deal for a cash prize or Free Spins.

This is probably the most basic of the Deal or No Deal slots, but if you’re a player who is new to online slots, this one may resonate with you.

Deal Or No Deal: What’s In Your Box

Deal or No Deal What’s in Your bBx is virtually identical to the Rapid Round version. However, it comes with five new bonus games, which are activated by landing three bonus symbols on any payline during the standard game. This activates the “What’s in Your Box” bonus. The bonus rounds that can be activated in this spin are:

Seal of Success Free Spins – A number of Free Spins for each Bonus symbol landed.

Power Play Free Spins – 10 Free Spins with enhanced reels.

Deal or No Deal – The classic Deal or No Deal TV show themed box picker bonus.

Go All the Way - The same as the Deal or No Deal bonus, but it contains a higher winning potential.

Trail of Wealth – Roll dice to move around the trail bonus and collect prizes.

Banker’s Bonus - The phone rings and provides the choice of three boxes. The boxes may include:

  • Bonus Re-spins
  • Colossal Symbols
  • Mystery Symbols
  • Random Wilds
  • Re-spin Streak.

However, that’s not all! This slot also contains the brilliant Jackpot King bonus that you could also find in the Deal or No Deal Megaways slot.

Deal Or No Deal Slot FAQs

Q. What is the average RTP of Deal or No Deal slots?

The average RTP for a Deal or No Deal slot is 94.06%, with the lowest being Instant Win and the highest being Deal or No Deal Perfect Play.

Q. Can I play Deal or No Deal games for Free?

Yes, Slot Boss players can play all online slots for free using the demo feature. However, there is an exception to this, as all of our live casino games can only be played with real money.

Q. Do Deal Or No Deal slots give a good representation of the TV Show?

Absolutely, with a variety of different ways to play, players can technically optimise their gaming experience to suit them with Jackpots, live casino, Slingo and Megaways all at our players’ disposal.

Q. What are the best Deal Or No Deal slots?

Funnily enough, you can find our rankings for the best Deal or No Deal slots down below!

Deal or No Deal Slot Ranked!

These are what our writer believes are the best Deal or No Deal slots; experiences may differ between players, so we recommend checking out all of our games to see which game you prefer.

Rank DOND Slot Slot Provider RTP
1. Deal or No Deal Megaways Blueprint Gaming 96.3%
2. Deal or No Deal Live Evolution Gaming 95.42%
3. Deal or No Deal Slingo Slingo Originals 95%
4. Deal or No Deal What’s In Your Box Blueprint Gaming 92.6%
5. Deal or No Deal The Perfect Play Blueprint Gaming 96.57%
6. Deal or No Deal Rapid Round Playzido 95.48%
7. Deal or No Deal Instant Win Blueprint Gaming 87.27%