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Last Updated: 11/05/2020

Best Gaming Slots

Our gaming slots at Slot Boss resonate with our players. With over 400 online slots and various casino games to pick from you'll be sure to find a slot game that you like.

The Starburst slot had been linked with the Bejeweled game that seemingly took over mobile phone screens for a long time and Monopoly Megaways which has taken one of the greatest games of all time in Monopoly and turned it into a fantastic slot to name but two of the classic slots we have on offer.

What are Slot Boss Instants?

What are Slot Boss Instants?

So? What is an Instant slot? If you don't know, we recommend checking out this blog to find out, you might have played one already!

Gaming Slots

Within this section of the Slot Boss blog, we’ll have all the latest information regarding some of the very best online slots in the community. This will include reviews, guides and even some personal opinion pieces on our favourite gaming slots on Slot Boss. If you know about some of these slots and we haven’t yet written about them, don’t worry! It’s very likely that a feature including your favourite casino games is right around the corner.

Exclusive Gaming Slots 2020

Each week you can refer back to Slot Boss for new slots, casino games and live casino variants. We've got big plans for our 2020 slot game releases, that means bigger and better than ever before with plenty of exclusive games for our loyal customers.

Famous Gaming Slots

There are many game titles that you will be familiar, some inspiration taken from TV shows, movies, board games and more. Each week we'll add more new gaming slots to the collection from the very best global gaming designers offering new bonus features, themes, huge multipliers and even tiered jackpots. Explore the Columbian jungle with Narcos slot, visit the world of The Goonies slot or choose the iconic red boxes with Deal or No Deal. These popular games also have some great in-play features and bonus rounds too.

Live Casino Games

Believe it or not, a lot of our live casino games actually originated as just standard games that friends and families would play together. For example, did you know that historians believe Poker can be traced back to a domino-card game played by a Chinese emperor in the 10th century, or that you can trace our Live Roulette back to the 17th century where Blaise Pascal tried to invent a “perpetual motion machine” before it was used to convert the Italian game “Biribi” into the Roulette game that we know today? For the surprising history behind Live Blackjack, well, you’ll have to wait for the blog.

Blog Guides

Aside from all of our fantastic slots, we also know that our players should keep up to date with all of the fantastic promotions and changes surrounding the Slot Boss brand. An example of that is the casino bonuses section which will keep our players updated on the very latest promotions at Slot Boss and will give them a detailed guide on how to claim their no deposit bonus. Mobile Casino will keep our players updated with blogs such as the ten best slots to play on mobile, as well as all the latest information regarding our casino app. We also have a how to play section that will contain all of our guides on how to play the likes of Blackjack, slots and more!

Other Slot Games Themes

Now, despite having an impressive selection of content in our gaming slots section, you have only seen a small portion of what the Slot Boss blog has to offer. We have our bonus slots section which will give you all the information on the very best bonuses in our slot games as well as the best games to utilise the online casino bonus that you get from registering at Slot Boss. There’s also a New Slots page which contains 10 of the newest slots available to our players on Slot Boss as well as our favourite selections for every month. Our Best Online Slots will have a constantly updated list with our favourite slot games of all time alongside reviews and game guides. Finally, we have our casino free spins section which will provide information on the Free Spins bonus as well as our top Free Spins games and much more!